is plywood or gypsum wallboard less expensive

Drywall vs OSB vs Plywood vs MDF for Soundproofing: Which is ...

However, this is thinner than the ½” drywall and will provide less soundproofing. A 15/32” sheet of OSB is just over $15, making it a bit more expensive than drywall of a similar thickness. Plywood. Plywood is not nearly as dense as OSB or MDF, which means it is not quite as effective at blocking sound transmission.【Get Price】

Guide to Non-Toxic Drywall: Types and Brands - My Chemical ...

Type X drywall means it meets requirements for fire codes (that could be required in certain rooms of a house). This type contains glass fibers, is denser, and is 5/8th thick (regular drywall is ½ inch). It is 10-20% more expensive than regular drywall. Type C is another type of fire-rated drywall, with a higher rating than type X.【Get Price】

Shiplap vs Drywall: 7 Reasons Why Shiplap Is Better

A 4 x 8-inch sheet of drywall might cost you less than a shiplap board, but it can actually turn out to be quite expensive overall after the finishing process. Drywall installation requires taping, mudding, sanding, priming, and paint finishes — making the process both time-consuming and expensive.【Get Price】

Drywall Vs. Plywood For Shop Walls? | The Hobby-Machinist

My question now is should I cover the walls with 5/8" drywall or just go ahead and cover the walls with plywood? The drywall would obviously be less expensive while the plywood would be less susceptible to damage and provide a better anchoring surface.【Get Price】

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