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How to Remove Paint - Easy Solutions for 8 Surfaces - Bob Vila

Removing paint spills from linoleum or vinyl floors—without damaging the surface—can be tricky. Start with dish soap and warm water, blotting up as much as possible. Remove stuck-on residue ...【Get Price】

Tips on Stripping Paint From Drywall | eHow

Choose to use chemical strippers if you are removing paint from drywall that has irregular surfaces. This includes drywall that is scratched or chipped. The chemicals will get into the nooks of the irregular surface and will remove the paint. Be aware that chemical strippers are harsh and can pollute your home's air environment.【Get Price】

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To remove paint from drywalls, start by cleaning the wall with soap and hot water to remove any dirt or markings from the paint. Then, use a sanding block or sander to rub away the unwanted pain. If you want to strip the paint off completely, as opposed to painting over it, you can use a paint scraper to peel off any remaining paint.【Get Price】

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If your paint test shows negative for lead, proceed with stripping the paint yourself, but if your test is positive for lead, do not attempt to remove this yourself. Contact a professional restoration service to take of this because the drywall itself may have to be removed.【Get Price】

How to Remove Paint from Walls

Removing paint from drywall is both tedious and messy. Before breaking out the scrapers and chemical agents, get the room ready. You’ll want to move any large furniture pieces at least two feet away from the workspace, but ideally, out of the room. Slip into some old, comfy clothes and then lay down a few drop cloths to catch the debris.【Get Price】

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