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You can view his solution in the topic, Painting bathroom shower paneling or I'll also briefly touch on the points here as well. Primer is key here. After making sure that you've roughed the surface up, be sure to apply a good primer for maximum adhesion. I'm a big fan of the Gripper Primer by Glidden. It sticks to just about anything and it ...【Get Price】

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Prime the bathroom paneling with a 100% acrylic primer. This type of primer sticks best to paneling. Paint the primer onto the paneling as you would a typical coat of paint. A paint roller works best on paneling.【Get Price】

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You can clean most drywall easily with a vacuum or microfiber tack cloth, but do wash areas in your kitchen and bathroom with a household cleaner to make sure you pick up any grease, oil and heavier dirt [source: Glave].【Get Price】

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You can use a brush or a roller as long as you smooth out any drips as you go. Let the first coat dry before you apply a second coat. Tip: Remove painters tape before paint dries or slice through any dried-on painter’s tape with a utility knife while pulling it up at a 45-degree angle.【Get Price】

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Take out the toilet if you can't fit a roller or paint tool behind it. If there’s a little space between the toilet and the wall, you can simply purchase a thin sponge stick that’s specially designed to paint and clean behind a toilet. Find one online or at a home improvement store.【Get Price】

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If you use the right primer for your laminate walls, you have more options in terms of the paint you can use. However, for a bathroom, it's probably better to choose an oil-based paint. This will have more water resistance and generally hold up better to the wear and tear of a bathroom.【Get Price】

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You can paint acrylic bathroom paneling if you improve its adhesive qualities prior to application. Like other slick, nonporous surfaces, bare acrylic panels will not hold a painted finish. To generate adequate adhesion, abrade the paneling. Choose the right paint based on the location of the paneling, or your new finish won't last very long.【Get Price】

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Run it over the wallboard in circles. Wash Wallboard Clean. One of the problems that many people have when they try to paint over the vinyl-covered wallboard is that they put the paint on over the wall while it still has some dirt, film, or residue. It is important before you do any painting of the surface that you wash it thoroughly.【Get Price】

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