attach rafter ledger board to stucco wall

How to Attach Rafters and Trusses to Top Plate

As with rafter-style roofs, toenailing is one of the most common ways of attaching a truss-style roof to a wall plate. Toenail a truss into the top of the wall plate by nailing through the sides of the bottom chord at a 30-degree angle.【Get Price】

How to Attach a Ledger Board to a Stucco Wall |

A ledger board will act as an anchor for the deck and is the point from which the rest of the deck will be built out away from. Unfortunately, ledger boards must be installed on a flat surface, which becomes a problem when working on one of the many houses these days that have stucco surrounding the exterior. Follow the steps below to learn how 【Get Price】

How to Install Rafters to a House Wall | Home Guides | SF Gate

Common Rafters. In a sloped roof, common rafters run from the peak of the roof down to the top of the exterior walls of the building. At the peak, the rafters are nailed to a ridge board, and at 【Get Price】

How Should I Attach A Ledger Board To A Stucco Wall?

The ledger board needs to be anchored into the building structure. Look inside the building to see where the ring joist is located or the studs and then drill through the stucco to anchor to those members using lag screws. Stucco is decorative not structural.【Get Price】

Installing Patio Roof Rafters | HomeTips

To cut sloping rafters for a house-attached patio roof, lay a rafter board so it rests on its edge on both the ledger and the beam parallel to the ledger. Then force the rafter’s tip snugly against the house wall. Using a block of wood as a ruler, mark the ends for cutting. Cut the triangular piece off the rafter end that rests on the ledger 【Get Price】

How to Attach Wood to Stucco | Hunker

Attach a nut driver to the drill. Align the wood's hole with the hole in the stucco. Mount a lag screw's head into the nut driver. Press the screw tip through the wood and through the hole in the stucco until the tip rests against the stud.【Get Price】

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The wall with a ledger board: Sometimes a ledger board is needed. If the rafters are laid out 24” o.c. and the wall studs are 16” o.c. then the rafter hanger brackets will not line up with the “solid wood” in the wall and a ledger board will be required. The ledger board will be a continuous 2×6 or 2×8 wood ledger bolted to the wall 【Get Price】

Ledger Attachment to Gable End - Fine Homebuilding

What would be the best way to attach a ledger board that will be holding 2 X 6 rafters that span approx. 9′ (wrap around porch rafters) to the gable end wall? …The ledger will be placed approx. 26″ above the 2nd.floor rim joist….Gable end wall is 2 X 4 construction.【Get Price】

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In theory, attaching a ledger to a traditional stucco wall is pretty straightforward. But while it might be tempting to simply bolt the ledger through the stucco, such an attachment won't meet the requirements in the 2007 IRC Supplement (see Professional Deck Builder, "New Ledger Attachment Requirements Adopted," Jul/Aug 07).【Get Price】

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Re: installing ledger board over stucco If you gapped the ledger with washers to allow water pass through it would be okay as long as your solid. If your not sure then tack the ledger to the house with nails then use the board as a guide for a grinder with a diamond blade to score the stucco. Clear out the area.【Get Price】

Create Rafters for a Patio Roof | how-tos | DIY

Attach 2x6 rafters to the house with joist hangers and/or supported by the ledger board. If necessary, use a sliding bevel to determine angles needed where the rafters will meet the ledger board. Rafters are placed on 24" centers, and attached to the beams and settle joists are attached as needed (Image 1).【Get Price】

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So I have been researching and it seems like it is hard to properly do the flashing and ledger board on a stucco house. Has anyone done this? The only real option I read upon is to remove all of the stucco where the flashing will be and re-apply new stucco once completed.【Get Price】

Fastening a Patio Roof to the House | HomeTips

If attaching a patio roof to a ledger beneath the eaves does not allow for enough headroom, you can set the new patio roof’s rafters on the wall’s top plate. On a two-story house, you can usually tie the ledger into a band joist (also called a rim joist), located between the floors, as shown below.【Get Price】

I am installing a deck ledger for a new deck to a stucco

then after you remove the stucco where the ledger will go, you have to use a reciprocating saw with a metal blade and cut up under the stucco on the top side 2 inches high to allow space to add a drip cap on top of the new ledger board.【Get Price】

How to Attach a Ledger to a Cinder Block | eHow

Builders use ledger boards to attach one structure to another. Typically made of two-by lumber, ledger boards attach horizontally to an existing structure, such as a house or garage, and are used to join a deck, roof or other add-on to the original structure.【Get Price】

How to Attach a Ledger Board to a Masonry Wall |

Step 4 – Drill the Holes in the Wall. Using a 3/8 masonry bit in the hammer drill, drill the holes through the wall in the places that you marked. The holes need to be at least three inches deep into the wall. Insert the expansion anchors into these holes so that they are flush with the wall. Step 5 – Attach the Ledger Board to the Wall 【Get Price】

Patio Cover Fascia Board Attachment

Patio Covers attach to the ledger board with the included wall hanger, the roof panels slide into the hanger and extend out to your support beam. Pergola Lattice Installation Pergola Lattice Covers attach to the ledger board with inside rafter brackets which are a "C" shaped, once the brackets are installed the rafters slide of the brackets and 【Get Price】

Attaching your Patio Cover to the Wall

Attaching to Wall or Ledger Board Wall Attachment. Popular on 2 story homes or homes on the gable end wall, wall hanger attaches directly to your siding, Pergola Lattice covers do need a ledger board in most cases. Benefits: Strongest Installation. More Rafter or Pan Clear Span than fascia or roof top attachments (no roof top attachment in high 【Get Price】

Are Birdmouths in Rafters Necessary? | JLC Online

Another problem with this method occurs when the rafters attach to the top of a wall instead of to a plate on the floor deck. The angled strip on top of the wall plates would prevent the ceiling/attic joists from bearing properly on the top plate, and the strip itself would not provide adequate bearing for those joists.【Get Price】

Attaching a Deck Ledger to a Stucco Wall - GreenBuildingAdvisor

After reading another current post on deck to ledger connections, we have a related question. In 2016, we built a 2 car garage with a small efficiency apartment above it. The wall construction of the garage/apartment is; 1) Zip System sheathing, 2) Benjamin Obdyke 6 mm Slicker Max rain screen, 3) stucco lathe, 4) stucco. We are now getting ready to start building a house in Asheville, NC which 【Get Price】

Attaching Porch Ledger to House - GreenBuildingAdvisor

I'm currently in the design phase of a modern cabin. I will have a porch roof that extends about 12 feet out and covers a deck. The problem is I don't have a rim/band joist to attach to (the porch ledger will be located about 11 feet up on a 14 foot wall). So I'm wondering what the best practice is in this situation. It seems like attaching to studs won't do the job. Can I just install 2x10 【Get Price】

Adding deck ledger to stucco'd house - RiderFan Forums

-score stucco with angle grinder or skill saw and chisel/break out a strip the width of the ledger board plus flashing above it.-lag bolt ledger board to house rim joist - install flashing above ledger board, sliding it behind the house wrap and metal screen-replace stucco over the flashing, install the rest of the deck as usual【Get Price】

Connecting Ledger Board to Vertical Stud | DIY Home

This may be hard to explain, but here goes. I want to install a ledger board on a flat interior house wall (in a 2-story room), from which I plan to hang 2x10 joists (that will run 12' over to another wall). Installing the ledger would be no problem, except that there's a tall window at the end of my run. And, I want the ledger board to end in 【Get Price】

Attaching rafters to ledger board | Screwfix Community Forum

If you butt them and you're using a 7 by 2 say for the rafters then the ledger will want to be 8 or 9 by 2 ie a size bigger so the full depth of the plumb cut bears against it. If birdsmouthing over the top then it could be a 4 or 6 by 2 ledger plate and adjust the birdsmouth to suit. You don't need hangers.【Get Price】

Installing a Ledger on Stucco | Seven Trust Decking

Stucco is a little easier to attach a ledger board to because you don’t need to remove the stucco like you would with siding. The only thing that needs to be cut on the stucco is a groove that the ledger sits inside of. BEFORE YOU BEGIN ANY DECKING PROJECT IT IS CRUCIAL THAT YOU CHECK WITH LOCAL BUILDING CODES.【Get Price】

Ledger board on stucco - Home Improvement Forum

One thing that I'm not entirely certain about with my upcoming construction project is wether or not I can attach my ledger board directly to the stucco or I would be better cutting the stucco at the level where the decking would sit and attach the ledger board to the wall room joist/wall studs. Any advice would be appreciated.【Get Price】

How to Attach a Deck to a Stucco House | Home Guides | SF Gate

How to Attach a Deck to a Stucco House. When building a deck, the initial steps include attaching a ledger board to the house. Joist hangers attach to the ledger, providing a structurally sound 【Get Price】

How to Install Joist Hangers the Correct Way | Family Handyman

Using 3-1/2 in. long 16d nails to secure a hanger to a wall ledger gives you added strength. The long nails bite into the framing members behind the ledger for maximum holding power. To obtain the full load-bearing capacity of a joist hanger, install the length and size of nail specified by the hanger manufacturer.【Get Price】

PATIO COVER - Ledger to stucco wall - Fine Homebuilding

*Bear I totally agree with Dave. Cut the stucco, secure the ledger board to the framing behind the stucco wall and flash just like he said. By golly, we have some very good people out there willing to give great advise. Neil【Get Price】

How to Attach a Patio Roof to an Existing House

Begin attaching the 2×6 rafters to your home with joist hangers supported by the ledger board. If needed, use a sliding bevel to find the correct angles to where the rafters will meet the ledger board. Rafters will be placed on 24-inch centers and attached to the beams and settle joists towards the center.【Get Price】

Best way to attach a rafter to a ledger board? | DIY Home

I'm building a lean-to on the back of the house and I can't figure out the best way to attach a rafter to the ledger. It's at an angle, so can you use joist hangers? I drew up a little pic of the situation.【Get Price】

framing - Reinforcement for Ledger Board on Bearing Wall

There are 2x8" floor joist for the 2nd story that are resting on the ledger. What this means is the entire weight of the 2nd story is effectively being loaded on the old nails that attach the ledger to the 2x4s! Talk about some sheer strength! We've considered adding a wall directly below the ledger to help support the weight, but there simply 【Get Price】

carpentry - How to attach ledger board to under-roof siding

So you're suggesting I could do something like this, right?The red rafter would attach to a ledger board connected to the top wall plate. Would connecting the red rafter directly to the roof rafters work, without the need for a ledger? The other solution I was considering would be to support the ledger using vertical poles next to the wall, but 【Get Price】


Attached pergola with ledger board Step 3. Attach the ledger boards to the house with lag bolts (for wood wall) or anchor bolts (for concrete wall). A lag or anchor every 16” is enough. Step 4. Attach corner rafter to posts with one bolt per post (6 ” x 3/8”) washers & nuts. (Match【Get Price】

Attaching a New Deck to a House: The Correct Method (DIY)

To properly attach a deck ledger, follow these guidelines: Drop the level of the new ledger enough to allow at least a 2-in. gap between the bottom of any doors and the top of the deck boards. That way, water and snow melt won’t be able to accumulate and seep under doorsills to ruin interior floors, and storm doors will swing past ice, snow 【Get Price】

Attaching a Pergola to a House to Create a Wall-Leaning

By attaching your pergola to the side of your home, you’re putting a lot of weight on that ledger board (or wall). That means the connection between the ledger board and house is very important, as is the connection between the rafter beams and the ledger board.【Get Price】

Attaching a ledger board - Stucco

Hi, I have a question regarding attaching a ledger board to a stucco home. My wife and I are looking at installing a deck but friends instructed us we would not be able to attach a ledger board to our stucco home. What is required to attach a ledger board to a stucco home and keep it leak proof? I hope you can see what's going on.【Get Price】

Deck Joist Hanging - joist installation procedure

Attach the End Joists & Make Square the Joists, Ledger Board & Deck Beam. Begin your joist installation with the end joists, it is best to design your deck and ledger so that these joists cover the ends of the ledger. The joists should be attached on both sides. [Click to enlarge any image]【Get Price】

Installing Deck Ledgers | DIY Deck Plans

To attach a ledger against a wall through brick veneer: Mark anchor locations on your ledger and drill through the board with a ½” bit; Position the ledger against the wall and mark the anchor positions through the hole onto the wall. Drill through the brick veneer with a ½ inch masonry bit in a hammer drill, until you reach the wood frame 【Get Price】

Ledger to a stucco house - Fine Homebuilding

Question, how hard is it to attach a ledger board to a stucco house? In a earlier post I posed the question about building a pergola. Some say cut my patio (which is already there) and put in piers. Some say attach a ledger to the house. What is the best way to attach the ledger? Attach the ledger with lag bolts.【Get Price】

How to Attach Ledger Board to a Stucco Wall - Platinum Walls

Caulk it to seal the flashing in the stucco. Attach the ledger board: Drill holes in the flashing and fill them with caulking. Attach the ledger board with the help of lag screws which should typically go into a wall stud. When buying screws, select a material that is corrosion and weather resistant. You may now attach your deck to it.【Get Price】

Ledger Strip Vs. Joist Hangers | Hunker

A ledger board — a flat piece of timber anchored to the frame that evenly spreads the load of the joists it supports — is used for the installation of hangers. Joist hangers help to keep joists anchored over time and absorb the forces of the structure above.【Get Price】

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