shoyld cement board be used for wall tile

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Use the thin set to the end of the tile, then while still wet wipe off the excess and use joint compound from that point. NO it does't sand and feather it is basically concrete. Redguard will work as it waterproofer roll it over the board not over the thin set.【Get Price】

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MY contractor put in new plywood. I don’t know exactly what he did, but I do know that he used cement board and then used thinset to put in 48 by 48 porcelain tile. My grout is coming up and the tile is moving. My kitchen is an l shaped approx maybe 28 by 28 with tons of cabinets and Shaped island with granite.【Get Price】

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Cement board can also be used on countertops when laying tile; however, the process will involve using an extra sheet of backerboard. Never use standard screws when installing cement board. It will corrode the screws. Always use cement board screws.【Get Price】

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In fact, greenboards and blueboards should not be used for wet applications and as tile backing boards. That said, greenboards are water-resistant and hence can be used for damp applications, such as un-tiled bathroom walls and basements. They are best used in areas of the house that are affected by humidity and occasional water spray.【Get Price】

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I used Zinsser pool paint on my 8' x 8' pool house bath room. The whole concrete floor slopes to the drain and is covered with Kerdi and tile. 2 walls are structural concrete and the 2 walls in shower corner are cement board with fine glass tape joints and 2 coats of pool paint.【Get Price】

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This is around a tub/shower. The studs are spaced at 24in, cement board is 1/2in. We're surprised at how much flex there is between the sheets of cement board. I'm worried that tiles may pop off. We're planning to use 12in floor tiles on the wall. Some options I've considered: Leave it. It's fine. Aim the tile grout lines at the seams of the 【Get Price】

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Cement board is DIY- and professional-preferred for good reason. Not only does it provide a structurally sound, moisture-proof tile-setting surface, cement board is a miracle of DIY tile installation because it negates the manually laborious wall and floor substrate floating process.【Get Price】

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You cement board is on the same plane as the flange. It is thicker so it ends up hanging over. Tip - If you are using cement board by itself I would strongly suggest using 1/2 inch. Also I am a strong supporter of hardibacker since it doesn't allow water through or hold water. Durarock is a great product but I use hardibacker in wet areas.【Get Price】

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First Kerdi can be installed on drywall or cement board. However if installed on drywall it is only protecting one side. The back side of the drywall fails and it is just as bad or worse than if it had an issue on the tile side. All shower/tub areas should have concrete board (I prefer hardiboard).【Get Price】

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If you use a too-thin cement board, it won't successfully support the tile's weight. Thickness Offers Strength Cement boards generally come in 1/4-inch, 1/2-inch and 5/8- inch thicknesses.【Get Price】

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What should I use, plasterboard or cement backerboard. The walls will be tilled floor to ceiling using 420mm x 300mm ceramic tiles. 6mm backer board is too thin 【Get Price】

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When used to tile walls it’s strength allows you to set tile, and if you’re good with eyeballing, you can set tile without the use of spacers. If you attempt to set wall tiles using thinset without spacers, you’ll end up with a bunch of tiles that have slid into each other before the thinset has had time to set, resulting in a giant mess.【Get Price】

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I used a mesh tape for high humidity/moisture areas, which comes as a roll with an adhesive side, and sheet rock joint compound, not thinset, for the gaps, screw holes and seams on the cement boards. I was going to use Redgard before installing tile on the walls and I'll be priming, painting/texturizing the ceiling.【Get Price】

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When using fiber cement boards as an underlayment, it is important to use the ½-inch boards. These prevent tile and grout cracking and breaking, and also provide you with a rigid surface to work on. The ¼-inch boards are more commonly used as tile backing boards on walls.【Get Price】

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Designing Kitchens and Bathrooms - Insulating wall behind cement board - I tore an old bathtub out and am now putting in a tile shower. One of the shower wall is shared by a bedroom.【Get Price】

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Fasten the cement board sheet to the subfloor with 1 1/4-inch cement board screws. These are specially coated, corrosion-resistant screws that have notches under their heads that help the screws burrow into the board so the heads sit flush with the panel. Don't use regular drywall or wood screws, which corrode in cement board.【Get Price】

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Screw a full-size 3 x 5-ft. cement board to the back wall. Place special 1-1/4 in. cement board screws every 8 in. along each stud but 1 in. away from edges to avoid breakage. Hold the sheet above the tub shoulder with 1/4-in. spacers. Drive screws flush with the surface of the board, being careful not to break through mesh.【Get Price】

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I almost always use the wedi board backer on my walls and surrounds. The schluter backer is nice, but also very pricey. The reason I use the wedi over the schluter is the eye/finger test.【Get Price】

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Install cement board or an equivalent moisture-resistant backing material on walls behind tub and shower enclosures composed of tile or panel assemblies with caulked joints. Don’t use paper-faced backer board, i.e., paper-faced drywall, behind seamed tub and shower enclosures.【Get Price】

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Cement board is porous, so grout and mortar adhere to it well. It can be nailed or screwed into almost any material, including cinderblock, brick, and concrete. Cement board is easily cut with a hand saw or a power saw. Wonderboard is a type of cement board used for tiling in wet places, especially bathrooms.【Get Price】

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Tile backer board now comes in all different types from cement to specialized gypsium-core products that are faced with fiberglass. Installing cement backer board is easy if you have the right tools. Cement backer board is the best thing to install in your bath or kitchen if you want to make sure your tile stays on the wall.【Get Price】

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For this one I have the option of using a barrier behind the cement board as that has not been hung yet. Should I install cement board only under where the tile is to be set, and use drywall up top & on the ceiling, or should I use cement board all the way up to and including the ceiling, and skim the upper un-tiled portions with drywall mud?【Get Price】

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Fiber cement is an excellent backing for tile countertops in the kitchen or bath, because of its mold and moisture resistant qualities. Check with the manufacturer to see if can be used in the shower. Some can, some can’t. Not DIY. Because fiber cement board is heavy, and some pieces are large, it is a 2-person job.【Get Price】

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Fast forward a few years, the concrete backer-boards were crumbling. Using Backer-Boards Correctly. Being a great product and using backer-board for bathroom wall tile backer or behind floor tiles is proper. Not only installing it go quickly but it also meets your budget. Properly Taking the Right Steps【Get Price】

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