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Our precast concrete highway retaining wall products provide a rock-solid foundation for all of your transportation project needs. Our walls defend against weather, runoff, noise, accidents and just about any other potential threat to safety on our nation’s roads and highways.【Get Price】

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If your current precast operation is in need of a new product or you want to expand your reflective noise wall product line to include a sound absorbing noise wall, call us at 910-444-46822 or E-mail: [email protected]【Get Price】

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Noise wall solutions using SoftSound and Sierra Wall technologies combine the unmatched strength and durability of precast concrete with a variety of finishes to provide a number features. What makes our outdoor sound barriers so attractive is they serve as a protective security fence, attractive privacy wall, versatile sight barrier and as an ...【Get Price】

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Harper Precast produces a wide range of Noise Wall Panels and Posts for government, municipal, commercial, and residential applications. Harper Precast has installed the majority of the Noise Walls in the Salt Lake Valley.【Get Price】

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Wieser Concrete’s precast panels can provide an effective solution for highway noise abatement. OPTIONS FOR HIGHWAY NOISE ABATEMENT WALL AND POSTS Precast Concrete Walls available in 8’6”, 10’, 12’ and 16’ panels.【Get Price】

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Harper Precast produces a wide range of precast MSE (Mechanically Stabilized Earth) retaining wall panels to stabilize slopes and retain soil. We have produced millions of square feet of MSE walls for use in the western United States.【Get Price】

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Surecast West is comprised of individuals who possess over 35 years experience in the fabrication of precast concrete. This experience, combined with a reputation for on-time delivery and quality, results in customers who are committed to using Surecast West for their precast needs — whether it be K-Rail, security barriers, sound walls or MSE wall panels.【Get Price】

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Taracon Precast’s structural precast concrete wall panels can be designed to reduce sound transmission to absolute minimal levels or to take advantage of optimal acoustics. Sustainability The processes Taracon Precast uses to produce our concrete wall panels reduces the amount of cement and water required to complete each component ...【Get Price】

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7: Fire & Sound Ratings. Concrete itself is an effective barrier for fire. Fabcon’s precast concrete wall panels are capable of providing a two- to four-hour fire rating. And their precast walls stay intact even in hot chemical fires. Warehouses often use Fabcon’s wall panels as dividers to protect goods on the other side of fire-prone areas.【Get Price】

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We offer reflective and sound absorbing wall systems with a dual sided texture. These panels can be erected using precast post and foundations or be placed in metal columns. We offer complete engineering services to design foundations, columns and panels. Sound Walls, Reflective and Absorptive. Screen Walls Vertical-Crete Dual Textured Walls.【Get Price】

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Precast fencing can also be used as retaining walls to reduce soil erosion, sound barriers to reduce noise pollution, or even as a barrier to keep fires from spreading. Architects and engineers repeatedly utilize our products for a variety of projects, including:【Get Price】

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At Hy-Grade Precast Concrete, we manufacture a variety of sound and privacy wall systems for commercial and residential projects. Produced with high quality for maximum durability, our sound and privacy walls are an excellent alternative to traditional fencing. STANDARD PRIVACY WALLS. Flexible panel dimensions; High strength reinforced concrete ...【Get Price】

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Precast concrete sound walls reduce the perceived noise by as much as half, while absorptive treatments have been found to further reduce noise pollution. With color additives or stains and textured form liners, a precast wall can blend in with a city’s architecture and local topography or stand out by capturing community’s theme or identity.【Get Price】

Precast Sound Walls

information on wetcast precast concrete sound walls and provide guidance in proper field construction techniques. This manual includes the basics of wall construction and presents many of the details encountered in site work. Visit our website www.precast. org, NPCA’s BPM (Best Practice Manual), the Sound Wall Technical【Get Price】

AIL Sound Walls | An Industry Leader in Sound Mitigation

These absorptive or reflective sound barrier wall systems are easy to install with local crews and light equipment. Available in a variety of attractive colors and textures, these maintenance-free noise barrier walls are impervious to rain, snow and ice, and will not rust, rot or stain.【Get Price】

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Our innovative casting methods enable us to produce the highest quality precast sound wall on the market in a fraction of the time required by other precasters—and we can do it at a lower cost . Using a vertical battery mold, each panel is poured between two molded surfaces instead of stamping one side.【Get Price】

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This Specification sets out the requirements for the manufacture and delivery of reinforced precast concrete panels and concrete posts, where applicable, for noise walls. This Specification is not applicable to pretensioned precast concrete, which is covered by Specification B110, or tilt-up concrete panels.【Get Price】

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Precast concrete Wall is a panel system featuring solid precast walls in the typical thickness of 6 inches or greater may be non-load bearing or load-bearing.the mix design are available to meet design requirements Reveals, articulation, decorative accents, etc.【Get Price】

Insulated Wall Panel System • Stonecast Products, Inc.

Sandwich wall precast concrete panels can be used on most every type of building. Depending upon building function and layout, the interior and exterior layers of concrete can be easily designed to handle both the structural requirements for strength and safety, as well as the aesthetic and sound attenuation qualities the owner desires.【Get Price】

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With precast walls, solid wall panels are constructed in a controlled setting to meet the industry standard. Unlike block walls, precast concrete is poured into specific forms beforehand, then delivered for a quicker install than conventional on-site construction. Precast concrete walls can be used as: Sound Barriers; Utility Walls; Security Walls【Get Price】

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Precast Concrete Sound Wall Systems Offering both reflective systems and absorptive systems, Tricon Precast is the leading producer of soundwalls in Texas. Three broad advantages mark Tricon Precast soundwall solutions as your most economically efficient choice:【Get Price】

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Among our proven sound barrier applications are noise barrier walls, retaining walls and acoustic facing panels. As mentioned above, SoftSound noise barriers are applicable to a number of location types. Our specially-engineered concrete sound walls include a post and panel system that is sound absorptive on both sides.【Get Price】

Precast Concrete Sound Barrier Walls

Mack precast concrete sound walls are manufactured in a controlled environment and are available in many different shapes and sizes. Precast concrete is the material of choice for sound walls due to its durability, flexibility, ease of installation, environmental friendliness, and wide range of aesthetically pleasing designs.【Get Price】

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AltusGroup, a partnership of 21 North American precasters, recently published a technical brief explaining architectural properties of precast wall panels. The brief outlines the acoustic performance of high-performance insulated wall panels and how they can be used to reduce the amount of outside sound reaching the receiver.【Get Price】

Leader in the noise barrier industry - Durisol Noise Barriers

Durisol also offers a range of other products, including retaining walls, transparent noise barriers, utility and firewalls to name a few. Durisol’s first sound wall was installed in Canada in 1977 and in the United States in 1986, both still in service today. With over 45 million square feet of wall installed to date.【Get Price】

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Procast Products designs, manufactures, and delivers a variety of precast panels. Sound walls, lagging panels, deck panels, retaining walls, and curtain walls are just a samples of what we can provide. With tens of thousands of square foot of casting decks, Procast Products can meet any production schedule.【Get Price】

Post-and-Panel Sound Wall System | The Reinforced Earth Company

RECo’s post-and-panel sound wall system takes an innovative approach to a common solution. The wall consists of drilled caissons with prefabricated concrete posts and panels. The posts are structurally secured to the top of the caissons via a unique connection utilizing corrugated metal cannisters filled with structural grout.【Get Price】

Design Concrete Inc. – Design Concrete Inc.

Retaining walls. Agricultural products. Since 1979. Get Started. Experts in: ... Absorptive and reflective precast noise barriers available to suit any project.【Get Price】

Wall Panels – HPBS - Hard Precast

Precast wall panels can be used either as structural load bearing elements offering a rigid framework to the overall structural system or as architectural cladding elements providing an elegant, pre-finished façade to the entire structure.【Get Price】

Sound Walls – Verti-Crete

COMMERCIAL sound WALLS. Who says the walls along a freeway or highly-congested area have to be unattractive? Plus, our pre-casted designs mean less installing fees and more productivity, keeping you on schedule and budget.【Get Price】

Custom Manufactured Products - Binghamton Precast

Custom Manufactured Products Precast products specifically made to your project specifications. These may include Pier Caps and Deck Panels, Box Culvert Tank Sytems, Noise Wall or other specialty products. Many options are available to customize your projects. Please see our Photo Gallery for more projects.【Get Price】

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Sound Walls are a proven solution for this problem. It is the sound absorptive finish added to the reflective noise wall panels that absorbs all the noise that impacts the wall while also dramatically improving the appearance of the wall, as it replicates any standard or custom texture and can be stained or colorized any color. Baxter Precast ...【Get Price】

Noise Barrier, Sound Absorptive Precast Concrete Noise Barrier

The precast noise barrier panels are composite and bonds a layer of sound absorptive concrete to a layer of normal weight structural concrete. The sound absorbing concrete shall use inorganic Seven Trust materials that improves the noise wall panels sound absorption and durability characteristics.【Get Price】

Acoustic Properties of Precast Concrete - National Precast

composite sound transmission loss of the solid wall area together with all the components that make up that wall, in order to determine the Ctr value for the composite construction. Performance of 150mm precast panels A 150 mm thick precast concrete panel is an interesting situation in respect to compliance with the Building Code of Australia.【Get Price】

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Precast Noise Walls in Any Design and Color. American Concrete Products is an industry leader in precasting noise walls. Our ability to create any look or design by utilizing specialized fabricated form liners or integral color in our concrete we will exceed the goals of every project.【Get Price】

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Precast Sound Walls are designed to deflect noise levels and at the same time provide an aesthetically pleasing wall barrier. These walls can be custom built to exact specifications and with a textured face to resemble natural stone, split face block or other custom designs. A manufacturer of Whisper-Wall.【Get Price】

Durisol Precast Noise Panel Density

PRACTICE OF MANUFACTURING DURISOL NOISE BARRIER PANELS. Durisol Precast Noise Panel Density painting e4gle org. Troubled Waters Borders Boundaries And Possession In The. Zeit Angrillen Rezepte Grillzeit Thermomix Ebook. 2000 Audi A4 Cruise Control Module Manual estalento net. Durisol Precast Noise Panel Density macinf de.【Get Price】

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Creating Precast Concrete Products The Stonetree wall system is produced under NPCA guidelines in order to ensure the highest level of quality control. In our production process, we use a high-strength concrete mix design, which reaches a comprehensive strength in the range of 4500 to 5500 PSI at 28 days.【Get Price】

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Vist-A-Wall Precast Panel Walls are recommended for retaining walls, bridge abutments, grade separations and structure headwalls or wingwalls. Adaptable to Accept Mounted Structures Vist-A-Wall precast retaining walls can easily be configured to accept mounted structures like AIL Sound Walls, fencing systems or other barriers.【Get Price】

Soundwall Panel | Oldcastle Infrastructure

Precast concrete sound walls, also referred to as noise barriers, reduce perceived noise by as much as half. Whether surrounding a business area, protecting a roadway, or providing a privacy fence for nearby residents, precast concrete sound walls are durable, easy to install, and available with textures on both sides.【Get Price】

BarChip Precast Concrete Wall Panels

The precast wall panels pictured here are; 4 inches thick, 15 feet wide and weigh between 6,000 to 8,000 pounds. 6, 8, 12 or 14 foot high with columns at 15 feet centres. Rated to withstand 130 mph wind with gusts up to 150 mph. Reduce exterior noise by 10.2 decibels. Specified to 5000 psi design strength.【Get Price】

Precast Noise Walls - Diamond Precast

Noise Walls have become a common part of highway construction in and around Perth to protect residents from traffic noise and in some occasions, retain sand and dirt. Diamond Precast have the capabilities and experience to supply noise walls that meet main roads requirements on a large scale.【Get Price】

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Noise Walls This type of precast walls are designed to inhibit the transmission of sound waves, on freeways underpass/overpass, to architectural finish requirements. Previous Culverts【Get Price】

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Utility Concrete Products We are the leading Midwest precast concrete company. UCP produces precast concrete products for the communication, electrical and transportation industries and many others. Product illustrations are artist's renderings. We reserve the right to make changes to these renderings without prior notice.【Get Price】

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Precast sound walls, also call highway sound barriers, are a tried and tested solution for dampening noise coming from highways, construction sites and more. Precast Lagging and Facia Panels Textured precast lagging panels.【Get Price】

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precast Choose from our wide selection of precast, prestressed products This Noise Wall panel measures nearly 4,000 feet long and features a fractured fin finish.【Get Price】

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