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Alternate braced wall panels constructed in accordance with one of the following provisions are also permitted to replace each 4 feet (1219 mm) of braced wall panel as required by Section R602.10.4 for use adjacent to a window or door opening with a full-length header:【Get Price】

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osb alternative method 32” panels mix and match hold-downs other requirements §602.10.5 continuous osb 24”, 27”, 30” panels no mix and match no hold-downs overlapped corners §602.10.3&4 methods -8 48” panels 12’ from corners 25” o.c. mix and match engineered shear walls no calcs, site specific spec analysis method spec a.b. and ...【Get Price】

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Method ABW braced wall panels shall be constructed in accordance with Figure R602.10.6.1.The hold-down force shall be in accordance with Table R602.10.6.1.. TABLE R602.10.6.1【Get Price】

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ALTERNATE BRACED WALL PANEL (ABP 1800# AND 3000#) IRC R602.10.3.2 1800# ABP . Minimum 2’8” panel width . Max.imum10’0” height . 3/8” APA rated sheathing one side Secure with 8d nails . Edge: 6” o.c. Field: 12” o.c. 1800# uplift capacity tie down devices at each end, installed in accordance with the manufacturer specifications.【Get Price】

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