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This is the backerboard, and siding and trim will be fastened to it. 3. Buttlock. This piece of your selected siding is opposite to the fastening strip. It will lock into the piece of trim or siding you just put in place. 4. Center Butt. This is a bend in the middle of a plank of siding. It looks like the plank is in 2 pieces rather than one. 5 【Get Price】

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2 Clapboard siding also known weatherboard used to cover over flat, squared logs in log house construction Clapboard , also called bevel siding , lap siding , and weatherboard , with regional variation in the definition of these terms, is wooden siding of a building in the form of horizontal boards, often overlapping.【Get Price】

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Clapboard definition is - a size of board for making staves and wainscoting. a size of board for making staves and wainscoting; a narrow board usually thicker at one edge than the other used for siding…【Get Price】

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Clapboard was originally hand split from logs of different type of woods, producing one edge thicker than the other where the board above overlaps the board below. Clapboards today are also known as lap siding, wood plank, beveled wood siding and weatherboard. Clapboards and weatherboards were the most common sorts of siding.【Get Price】

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Bevel siding definition, siding composed of tapered pieces, as clapboards, laid with the thicker lower edge of any piece overlapping the thinner upper edge of the piece below it.【Get Price】

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Siding, Clapboard Definition. Clapboard wood siding applied horizontally with the grain running lengthwise over the exterior wall. The quarter-sawn boards taper in thickness for overlapping with the thickest section of the board on the bottom. Clapboard is common in the Northeastern United States.【Get Price】

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However, before choosing clapboard siding, it is vital to understand the various aspects that define this siding option. Clapboard Basics. Clapboard is considered as the slightly-traditional form of siding as it has been used since the colonial times. It is also called lap siding or bevel siding. Typical clapboards yield a slightly-slanted 【Get Price】

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Clapboard, also called weatherboard, bevel siding, or lap siding, type of board bevelled toward one edge, used to clad the exterior of a frame building.Clapboards are attached horizontally, each one overlapping the next one down.【Get Price】

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Summary: [170 Pages Report] Vinyl Siding Market research report categorizes the global market by Product Type (Clapboard Siding, Dutch Lap Siding, Beaded Siding, Cabin Board Siding, Board & Batten Vertical Siding, Vertical Siding, Shingle Siding, Shake Siding), By End use (New Residential Construction, New Non-Residential, Residential Repair and Rehabilitation, Non-Residential Repair and 【Get Price】

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clapboard (n.). 1. a long thin board with one edge thicker than the other; used as siding by lapping one board over the board below【Get Price】

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Horizontal Siding Profiles. Clapboard – aka Weatherboard, Lap or Smooth Lap, Traditional Lap, Bevel or Bungalow. The Clapboard profile is one of the most ubiquitous, traditional types of siding in America.【Get Price】

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Today the word clapboard is used generally to refer to many different kinds of horizontal lap sidings. But here in New England, the word clapboard nearly always means bevel siding. Tools. The nailing for clapboard work is light, so a 16-oz. wood-handled hammer is right for me. I use a 10-point, 20-in. crosscut handsaw for most of the cuts.【Get Price】

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HardiPlank™ siding is a happy medium between purchasing cheap vinyl siding or paying for a complete renovation of clapboard siding. The true name for HardiPlank™ is fiber cement siding. This is because it is composed of the cellulose fibers found in wood and materials found in cement.【Get Price】

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clapboard definition: 1. a series of boards fixed horizontally to the outside of a building, with each board partly…. Learn more.【Get Price】

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Clapboard, on the other hand, is the classic horizontal siding with each higher row slightly overlapping the row below it. Both styles are available in natural wood, engineered materials, vinyl and aluminum.【Get Price】

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Define clapboard. clapboard synonyms, clapboard pronunciation, clapboard translation, English dictionary definition of clapboard. n. A long narrow board with one edge thicker than the other, overlapped horizontally to cover the outer walls of frame structures.【Get Price】

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Clapboard was the predominant type of siding used in 17th- and 18th-century America. The word "clapboard" is derived from the Dutch word "klappen," meaning "to split." Clapboard siding is also called bevel siding or lap siding because one board overlaps the board below it.【Get Price】

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en Clapboard: ( planche à gorge ) a siding or cladding of bevelled boards laid horizontally and overlapping at the top and bottom, applied to the outside of a wood-framed building to make it weatherproof; the face of each board is oblique to the wall (also called bevelled siding).【Get Price】

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The area on a piece of siding that allows for another piece of siding or trim to be inserted. Course. A course of siding refers to one row of siding that runs the length of an exterior wall. Multiple “courses” of siding are used to fill up an exterior wall. Drip Cap【Get Price】

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Clapboard definition, a long, thin board, thicker along one edge than the other, used in covering the outer walls of buildings, being laid horizontally, the thick edge of each board overlapping the thin edge of the board below it.【Get Price】

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Clapboard, also known as bevel siding or lap siding or weatherboard (with regional variants as to the exact definitions of these terms), is the cladding or ‘siding’ of a house consisting of long thin timber boards that overlap one another, either vertically or horizontally on the outside of the wall.【Get Price】

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"clapboard" (siding) definition: a long thin board with one edge thicker than the other. used as siding by lapping one board over the board below【Get Price】

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Wood siding is a type of building material that is installed on the exterior of a building to protect the building from the elements. Siding is manufactured in a variety of materials such as vinyl, metal, composites, fiber-cement, masonry and wood. Wood clapboard is traditionally found on older houses.【Get Price】

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Have a definition for Clapboard siding ? Write it here to share it with the entire community. Add Definition. English (Canada) Pronunciation: English (USA 【Get Price】

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Hardboard lap siding is also the easiest to install on homes that still have older style Masonite or clapboard siding that need small repairs. The Problems with Hardboard Siding. First, we should go back and look at what happened to the “original” hardboard siding, Masonite. This product was invented in 1924 by William H. Mason.【Get Price】

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Lap siding is a type of siding for buildings made from long, broad planks which are designed to overlap with each other. It looks similar to clapboard, and sometimes people use “lap” and “clapboard” interchangeably, although lap-style siding is technically larger than clapboard siding .【Get Price】

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Another purpose of siding is to beautify a home. Since it takes up the majority of the surface area outside a home, attractive siding is important to the value and appeal of any residence. What Styles Are Available? Siding usually comes in these shapes and styles:clapboard or lap style, shingles or shakes, vertical, or panel.【Get Price】

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