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DRIcore SMARTWALL 4 in. x 2 ft. x 8 ft. All-in-One Wall Panel ...

Second, the drywall above the SMARTWALL acts as the 15 minute Fire Barrier for the foam on the back of SMARTWALL. If the SMARTWALL goes up first, the Inspector would ask that a strip of drywall be installed along the SMARTWALL installation line that encapsulates the foam once the panel is installed.【Get Price】

7 Types of Drywall, Applications, and Uses

Type X drywall is made with special noncombustible fibers. It normally comes in 5/8-inches thickness and its extra thickness can also improve its soundproofing characteristics. To receive the "Type X" designation, a gypsum board must achieve at least a one-hour fire resistance rating for 5/8-inch board or a 3/4-hour rating for 1/2-inch board in ...【Get Price】

Slatwall Panels | Wall Mounting Boards for Retail Displays

Affordability: Compared to other retail displays, slotwall panes are priced modestly and offers the user more freedom to add creativity to the presentation. Versatility: Each board can be mounted alone or used as building blocks to cover an entire wall.【Get Price】

Slatwall Isn't All The Same: Buyer's Guide to Slat Wall ...

If you still think of slat wall as the old, battered, flat-gray slat wall that you see in old retail stores like Sears, then let’s get you up to date. Slat wall is now become more and more common in garages, as well as stores. Because homeowners want a little more style, you can now get slatwall in various colors, materials and even custom ...【Get Price】

Interior wall finishes: wall plaster, drywall, paneling ...

Plaster / Drywall Wall Materials, Types, Properties. Plaster and drywall are essentially the same material. Drywall is manufactured while plaster is mixed and applied by trowel on site. Plaster and drywall are made largely of gypsum, a common mineral (calcium sulphate hydrate).【Get Price】

American Gypsum 1/2 in. x 4 ft. x 8 ft. Gypsum Drywall ...

American Gypsum - 1/2 in. 4 ft. x 8 ft. M-Blocinterior Mr/WrGypsum Drywall - Mold and moisture resistant core. Encased in 100 percent recycled paper, purple on the face side and sturdy liner paper on the back side. Made in USA. - THD SKU# 816112【Get Price】

Different Types of Drywall

What Type of Drywall to Use. There are several types of drywall available on the market. The main types of drywall can be categorized as Standard, Lightweight, Fire Resistant, Moisture/Mold Resistant, and Abuse Resistant. Each of these main categories are also available in combinations of types.【Get Price】

19 Types of Retaining Wall Materials and Designs for Your Yard

These types of alternatives to retaining walls are most commonly used with geotextiles when the grade of a slope is greater than 45 degrees and a reinforced soil slope is not recommended. The installation of a segmental retaining wall is currently $5350.00.【Get Price】

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