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Architectural Soundproofing Solutions, Megasorber Soundproof

Megasorber's acoustic engineers can develop customised soundproofing solutions for you with great architectural design flexibility.We design and manufacture inherently fire-resistant sound-absorbing panels for architectural acoustic applications such as echo or reverberation reduction.【Get Price】

StrandTec (wood fiber): sound absorbing | ASI Architectural

StrandTec (wood fiber) performs by absorbing sound while thermally insulating. Ecologically, it is simple to produce and panels are available in size and color variations that can be designed to fit nearly any décor.【Get Price】

Architectural Noise Control Products - Sound Seal

Sound Seal, a leading manufacturer of noise control products serving the industrial, architectural, commercial and construction industries, announced today the introduction of Poly-Coustix®, a new line of contemporary polyester acoustical products.【Get Price】

Industrial & Architectural Soundproofing Products - Sound Seal

Architectural Noise Control. Sound Seal offers two unique brands of architectural noise control products. SoundQuality®, our fabric offering, includes wall panels, baffles, banners and diffusers to fit all interior acoustical needs. Our metal product line, MetalTrends® offers metal panels, ceiling tiles and clouds. Architectural Products【Get Price】

An Architect's Guide To: Acoustic Panels - Architizer Journal

Tying together sound and structure, architects create ideal acoustic environments through form, materials and spatial organization. In music halls and theaters, acoustic panels are specified to define better experiences. Whether for concerts or individual recitals, modern acoustic panels are integrated through orchestration and assembly.”【Get Price】

An Architect’s Guide to Soundproofing | Soundproof Cow

Historically, most people have thought of acoustic design as synonymous with absorption. That’s why most people think of acoustic solutions like panels first. Shop Soundproofing Materials. Including Acoustic Design in Your Architectural Plans. For many developers, the listening experience in a building is an afterthought.【Get Price】

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