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Hollow Knight- How to Find and Beat the Traitor Lord Boss ...

The Traitor Lord can be a difficult boss in Hollow Knight. In this video I will show you how to find the Traitor Lord in the Queens Garden AND how to Beat th... 【Get Price】

Hollow Knight - How to Beat the Traitor Lord - YouTube

Hollow Knight - How to defeat the Traitor Lord in the Queen's Gardens. This boss deals double damage with most of his attacks and transitions from one attack... 【Get Price】

Is there a bench close to Traitor Lord? :: Hollow Knight ...

The closest bench is the stag station in queen's garden. Dream gate from the bench to Traitor Lord would work. I have a hard time wrapping my head around not having 900 essence by the time you get the abyssal cloak. I would say git gud or adventure else where to unlock more health, soul, charms and nail upgrades. 【Get Price】

Queen’s Gardens - Gamer Walkthroughs

From the Love Key head all the way to the left for the next Bench. You’ll need to dodge past a number of Mantis Traitors while jumping from platform to platform over a cavern of thorns. The path down near the Bench leads to Deepnest. From the Bench go right and take the next exit up. 【Get Price】

Grubs - Hollow Knight Wiki Guide - IGN

The seventh Grub is located in the western region of Greenpath, in the area just right of where the Knight fights Hornet. From the central area Bench, head up two screens, then follow the path all... 【Get Price】

Traitor Lord | Hollow Knight Wiki | Fandom

The Traitor Lord is a main boss in Hollow Knight. He blocks the path to the White Lady in the Queen's Gardens. The Traitor Lord was one of the leaders of the Mantis Tribe along with his sisters, and particularly resented the kingdom of Hallownest.2 Similarly, he despised the relationship of his daughter with the Grey Mourner.34 When he and his followers embraced the Infection to become ... 【Get Price】

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