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Painting a pool deck is a different process for each type of material. And the amount of prep work you’ll have to do varies with different paints and different deck conditions. For wood decks, you may need to hammer in or remove loose nails, sand down or cut rough spots, and fill in knot holes or deep cracks. 【Get Price】

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Once you have chosen the shade of your choice, take a smaller roller brush and/or paint brush and go around the edges of the pool and deck with the Pool Deck Concrete Acrylic Stain 【Get Price】

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My pool deck has water based paint on top of (apparently) xylene based paint. In some areas the water based 2nd coat has chipped off creating a big mess. I ran an experiment, by pressure cleaning ( got some of 2nd coat off, but not all), vacuuming, then per advice of Seven Trust I applied Seal Kote Lockdown Concrete Bonding Primer, followed by ... 【Get Price】

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Etching the pool deck After we have degreased the pool deck, and hosed it off thoroughly (be careful not to get the TSP in the pool water), we can acid etch the concrete and/or previous deck coatings. Carefully pour from a flower watering can, a diluted acid mixture onto wet concrete. Use a soft push broom to move the mixture around. 【Get Price】

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