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Swimming Pool Deck Remodeling / Renovations in Orlando using 1" thin remodel pavers or travertine over your existing cracked or uneven pool deck to make a new surface Installation of pool coping around your pools beam, new deck drains installed along with screen door adjustments to accomodate your new paver pool deck. Interior finishes are available along with pool tile replacement. 【Get Price】

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Travertine pavers are too slippery for a pool deck. Fact: Travertine is a natural stone that absorbs water, which minimizes slipping around the pool area. Myth 2: All travertine has the same look. Fact: Travertine is formed in quarries near hot mineral springs giving the natural stone so many different beautiful colors from the geological ... 【Get Price】

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7. Replacing broken travertine tiles or pavers is usually easy to do. If you end up with a cracked travertine tile, paver, or stone in your pool deck, then replacing it is usually a simple experience. Grout and mortar can make the task a little difficult, but you can typically pull up the broken item and replace it with something new. 【Get Price】

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Implement an ivory blend of the pavers to make your pool deck positively glow under the summer sun. Don’t forget another design advantage of using travertine for your pool deck: pool coping. You can match the edge of the pool with the rest of the patio by coping it with the same travertine blend. 【Get Price】

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It comes in many colors and at Travertine Warehouse we offer the most popular sizes for your project including French Pattern. Use one color for your entire pool deck including the coping that goes around the edge of the pool or use contrasting or complimentary colors. One for the deck and one for the pool edge to set it off for a great look. You can even make your deck a pattern of two colors that is unlikely anyone else would have. 【Get Price】

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honed travertine - is it slippy around pool deck by: Anonymous We are considering putting honed travertine around our pool deck. We have kids and a dog who love the pool. We are a little worried about slipping. Any help out there or experience with this is appreciated. Chris in NC. Comment If you use travertine pavers, you will be fine. I& 39;ve ... 【Get Price】

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Pool Tiles and Pavers and matching Pool Coping Natural stone will enhance your pool building or pool renovation project aesthetically while providing high performance and low maintenance. Natural stone offers permanence and elegance to modern construction, just as it has throughout the ages. 【Get Price】

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Travertine is a specific type of natural stone that is popular for pool decks for good reason. Even though travertine is typically imported, it is readily available, cost-effective, versatile and adaptable. 【Get Price】

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How to install a Travertine Paver Pool Deck - Part 1 【Get Price】

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TRAVERTINE OR BRICK PAVERS? Everyone has travertine down here.. it& 39;s everywhere and i& 39;m sick of seeing it. but there are good reasons for it, fairly low maintenance and cool on feet. i hate that it feels slippery and not as grippy as the rougher brick pavers. i have young children and safety is important. i also think brick pavers have a little more character. of course in the next breath i& 39;m ... 【Get Price】

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The subject kind of says it all. We are in the final stages of our pool build. The decking pavers went down just before Christmas and the polymeric sand went in New Year& 39;s Eve. The pool will have a salt system and I& 39;ve heard from a lot of folks that sealing the stone is necessary to prevent... 【Get Price】

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Travertine Tiles and Pavers The Pool Tile Company offers beautiful travertine tiles that are ideal for pool coping and surrounds, patios, outdoor entertainment areas and general landscaping. Travertine has become a very popular choice in recent years providing a timeless and stylish finish. 【Get Price】

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We had a complete pool remodel and chose travertine for the pool deck. We already had a concrete deck so the travertine was laid right over the concrete. When it rains the stones loosen and after it dries the stones for the most part tighten up but we find uneven edges. We currently have two or three loose stones in different spots too. The contractor was back twice to fix uneven areas but now ... 【Get Price】

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We offer a choice of six colors designed to repli e the look of travertine, bluestone, limestone, slate, and other natural stone looks — or we can create custom colors for a truly unique design min. order 7000 SF . Like all other Peacock Pavers, our swimming pool pavers are available in 10 sizes up to 3’x 3′. All sizes are ½” short ... 【Get Price】

Pool Deck Ideas - Travertine Pavers - YouTube Travertine pool decks can have a dramatic impact on how a project looks. This material adds a luxurious element as well as ... 【Get Price】

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Travertine deck pavers are extremely low maintenance, and something as simple as a high-quality sealer can keep the travertine deck pristine for several years. Considered as an ideal green flooring solution, Travertine pool pavers are also extremely affordable as opposed to marble; so you go green and save big on your bucks with travertine 【Get Price】

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Pool Deck Pavers. A brilliantly installed pool deck paver is what makes a swimming pool a real luxury. As far as the pool deck pavers are concerned, it’s one of the best kinds of pavers you can ever get for your swimming pools. Travertine is a kind of limestone rocks formed in hot water springs by mineral deposition. 【Get Price】

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Ivory Swirl Tumbled Travertine Tiles are ideal pool deck tiles and at $2.38 per sqft, they are sure to fit your budget. Since Travertine Tiles weigh less than Travertine Pavers, you will also be saving on transportation costs. These savings can amount to 50% to 60% when compared to the cost of shipping travertine pavers. 【Get Price】

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Travertine Pool Pavers – After An amazing transformation showing how remodeling the pool deck area can enhance the beauty of the swimming pool area. This pool deck was upgraded using Travertine pool pavers with a honed finish to create a clean slip-resistant surface to the pool area. 【Get Price】

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Travertine pavers are thick travertine pieces which are usually sold for outdoor paving. Travertine pavers are usually 1.25 inches thick and used for decorating driveways, pool decks, patio areas and walk ways. Travertine Paver Pool Decks Ideas Tumbled travertine pavers pool deck and step treads with bullnosed tumbled travertine pool coping. 【Get Price】

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Immerse yourself in true luxury with travertine swimming pool pavers at affordable prices. There are many options to choose from when it comes to a flooring solution around the swimming pool . Pebblecrete, concrete tiles, concrete or clay pavers and even timber flooring are used as flooring solutions for swimming pools tiles . 【Get Price】

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One important element to consider, especially for any pool refurbishing, remodeling, renovation, or repair project is the use of Travertine Pool Pavers as part of your pool deck design. At Aquavida Pools, we regularly recommend travertine Pool Pavers due to their durability, look, feel, and most importantly, how well they handle the heat here in our Valley of the Sun – Phoenix, Arizona. We ... 【Get Price】

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The next most popular natural stone that is used for pool decks after travertine is flagstone which refers to flat slabs of natural pavers. A flagstone pool deck consists of many of these pavers arranged in a design around the pool which allows homeowners plenty of design versatility to create a unique deck. Flagstone pavers are available mostly in earthy colors and textures and its slip free ... 【Get Price】

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The original claypave pavers under the deck also showed some minor efflorescence. Advice from a trusted landscaper is that we would find travertine a problem with stains and upkeep around the pool, let alone under the deck, so we are wary. We are told that using dry treat sealer on travertine should give 15-years protection, but don’t see how ... 【Get Price】

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There is sometimes confusion between indoor travertine or travertine tile and outdoor travertine or travertine pavers but the type of travertine that is used for pool decking is travertine pavers, which are thick and durable. This is also true in extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain or sleet. 【Get Price】

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1 A Travertine Pool deck is naturally slip-resistant. Travertine stone greatest advantage over concrete is in its safety. Because of its porous finish, a Pool Deck installed with Travertine stone will reduce the chances of falling when is wet. ABC Pavers firmly believes safety for your family and guests is the important. 【Get Price】

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Pavers. Tile Deck. One may also ask, how much does a travertine pool deck cost? On average, travertine pavers cost is $2-$3 per square foot. Simply so, is travertine good for pool coping? This material is widely used for making tiles and pavers for interior and exterior floorings. They are used to make pool copings, too. 【Get Price】

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Most travertine pool decks install easily enough on a flat, level surface that received compaction to make the soil ready for installation. You should place a fabric sheet along the base to prevent vegetation growth in the future. Once the soil is ready, then you can create a base from sand, mortar, crushed stone, or cement. Then lay the pavers in a pattern that you like, cut stones to fit ... 【Get Price】

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Apr 26, 2014 - Travertine Pool Deck Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel and Decor . Explore. Home Decor. Exterior. Pool And SPA. Pool Deck.. Saved from Pool Pavers. Saved by Lindsey Del Valle. 1.1k. Pool Pavers Backyard Pool Landscaping Landscaping ... 【Get Price】

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Travertine Pool Coping and Pool Pavers . If you want to enhance the curb appeal of your property, you will need to consider decorating the area around your swimming pool. The cement pavers might offer a no-slip texture, but they will not look warm and welcoming on your deck. Pool decks need natural stones that complement the colour, design, and ... 【Get Price】

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Pool Deck Travertine. Travertine pavers are cut from natural stone and are in the same family as limestone. Natural stone paving materials have a special look and are very different from manmade materials. It is one of the best materials for pool paving and outdoor landscaping. Travertine Pavers have been one of the most used building materials ... 【Get Price】

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The pool deck pavers are basically rectangular pavers that are used especially for an outdoor swimming pool area’s construction. These pavers come in various designs, colors, shapes and sizes. With these characteristics, these pavers can complement various design concepts. 【Get Price】

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Travertine and natural stone pavers are a popular choice for pool decks in Florida. They are usually loose laid on sand and butted together with little or no space left for grout, these small cracks and openings create a perfect place for dirt to collect and for weeds to start growing. 【Get Price】

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Whether you have a unique pool shape or the traditional oval or rectangle, adding pavers will improve the overall look of your backyard landscape. There is a vast assortment of materials to choose from, and each type of paving stone offers a different benefit. No swimming area is complete without a pool deck. A deck can provide an attractive ... 【Get Price】

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Aug 11, 2018 - Explore Michelle Howard& 39;s board "travertine pool deck" on Pinterest. See more ideas about travertine pool decking, travertine pool, pool deck. 【Get Price】

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Pool Pavers Pool Tiles Pool Landscaping Stone Deck Travertine Pavers Pool Colors Dream Pools Pool Decks Cool Pools What Grades Does Travertine Has? The grade of travertine is most of the time determined based on the holes within the stone. 【Get Price】

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If you’re looking to purchase high quality travertine pavers, click here. Travertine is the perfect choice for any pool deck. In the last few years, we have been installing more and more travertine pavers around swimming pools which is an absolutely beautiful look. Before 9/11/2011, 90% of travertine was imported from Italy and the price wasn ... 【Get Price】

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Natural Stone Veneer with Travertine Pavers for your Pool Deck. We will help you choose the right type of thin paver overlay for your particular pool deck. Many of the overlay products on the market today are ideal for use around swimming pools. They have qualities, such as being the coolest product for temperature, even cooler than traditional ... 【Get Price】

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