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There are now several composite decking manufacturers that market wood/plastic composite decking that’s made from highly eco-friendly and renewable materials, including dried rice hulls, powdered paper sludge, and recycled carpet fiber. Although all contain some plastic or polyethylene, they’re still a valid “green” choice over some other deck materials. 【Get Price】

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This on-trend material is made from a mixture of aggregate or gravel and cement. It is strong, low-maintenance, fire-resistant and looks better with age. It can be used in all parts of the country. On the downside, concrete is a man-made material and not as eco-friendly as many people think. It takes a long time to cure and reach its optimal ... 【Get Price】

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5 Tips on Designing an Eco-Friendly Outdoor Deck 1. Use an Easy-to-Install Flooring Material. Hardwood plywood is a great alternative to regular wood planks or wood deck... 2. Use a Material That is Strong and Resistant to Warping. When designing your eco-friendly outdoor deck, be sure to... 3. ... 【Get Price】

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This eco-friendly space is dedi ed to turning recycled materials into gorgeous, long-lasting, and low-maintenance outdoor living products. We’ve started producing products that contain a majority of recycled material and have invested in expanding our recycling capabilities to other polymer material types. And, as part of our commitment to ... 【Get Price】

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Composite Deck Tiles: Our UltraShield composite deck tiles are 100 percent eco-friendly and made from natural wood grains. They are easy to install and will not bend, split or crack. Composite Deck Boards: NewTechWood composite deck boards are made from recycled decking material and come in exclusive colors and patterns. Perfect for residential ... 【Get Price】

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Review these important factors before building your eco-friendly deck, including choosing the right material, climate, lo ion, and budget. 【Get Price】

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On the other hand, compared to the other two, wood-plastic composite decking boards seem to be a far more eco-friendly option. The entire make-up of WPC boards are materials that are almost 95% recycled, the remaining 5% tending to be the bonding agents, colouring, and other materials used to bind the board together and make it look closer to real wood boards. 【Get Price】

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Seven Trust is a safe, eco-friendly deck material, containing no urea or formaldehyde. Thanks to their eco-values, they’ve achieved the National Green Building Standard. All Seven Trust Building Products are certified by the National Green Building Standard NGBS . Beyond making eco-friendly deck choices for homeowners, Seven Trust has many other benefits. 【Get Price】

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The Best ECO WPC Decking. Water proof,Environmental friendly, low carbon,100% recycled. Get Free Samples. eco friendly material to be used for building similar to wood . WPC Decking; Synthetic Decking; Chat Online; Contact. Talk to us for more assistance. ... 【Get Price】

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By installing Wahoo aluminum deck materials, you enjoy an outdoor living space sourced from safe, eco-friendly materials. Whether you recycle cans or decks, aluminum contributes to making the world a greener place to live; as a member of the United States Green Building Council , Wahoo Decks is proud to be part of making the world a better place. 【Get Price】

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At , we’re committed to doing whatever it takes to up our eco-friendly game — like investing in a state-of-the-art recycling plant, increasing the amount of recycled content in each decking line, repurposing the scraps from our board-making process back into production, and deliberately sourcing hard-to-recycle materials that would traditionally end up in landfills. 【Get Price】

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Alternatively, eco-friendly decking can also be made of non-wood and recycled materials like composite and plastic. While it doesn’t have the same natural look as real wood, composite and PVC decking has come a ways in eco-friendly technology despite the high energy consumption of the manufacturing process. 【Get Price】

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With eco-friendly products such as Seven Trust and , we now have choices to lessen our impact on the environment and deforestation. Today over 95% of our projects are built using Eco-friendly materials. These decking products last longer, look better, require less maintenance and are good for the environment. 【Get Price】

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Add the decking material to the stairs. Take the 12-inch deck facing and cut to measure if needed for each side of the deck. Miter the ends of each piece so they form clean corners. Place the facing on the outer side of the frame so it skirts around the deck. Attach it using 3-inch galvanized framing nails. 【Get Price】

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Another tip for choosing eco-friendly decking materials is to pay attention to the maintenance requirements of a material. Once it’s used to create a deck, a material may not have any negative environmental effects in itself, but the maintenance that goes along with it might. Take wood, for example. To keep most wood species in a solid state, you must put chemicals on their surface to fight ... 【Get Price】

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Synthetic insulation materials do not manage water in the same way as natural ones. Natural insulation is vapour-permeable, materials such as dense wood fibreboards ensure the safe transfer of moisture from the masonry walls to the exterior of the building. Vapour open materials actively dry damp masonry walls and can keep them dry. Wood fibre ... 【Get Price】

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Salvaged wood decking makes use of a material that would otherwise go to waste. However working with salvage can present challenges. If you can’t pick pieces yourself, you may get boards that are partially rotted or discolored. And because salvaged wood isn’t likely to be uniform, installation can be more difficult. The best way to source salvaged lumber is to search online or to find ... 【Get Price】

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Environmentally Friendly The main advantage of an eco deck is that it is made from recycled materials such as plastic bags and bottles. Thus eco decks are environmentally friendly as they use waste products that may well otherwise end up as landfill. Eco decking is also made from by products such as sawdust. 【Get Price】

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Cedar, which is naturally rot- and insect-resistant, may be the most common decking wood, but it takes regular maintenance if it’s going to look its best and last more than a few years. Redwood is another great naturally hearty choice for decks, but it’s hard to come by—and expensive—given limited supply. 【Get Price】

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There are several methods out there from just using a permeable porous concrete type mix if you prefer a solid looking surface, to a brick style where water can run through the cracks, a basic gravel, or just go all the way and create a green live driveway of grass, turf or native plants. 【Get Price】

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