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32” panels mix and match hold-downs other requirements §602.10.5 continuous osb 24” 27” 30” panels no mix and match no hold-downs overlapped corners §602.10.3&4 methods 1-8 48” panels 12’ from corners 25” o.c. mix and match engineered shear walls no calcs site specific spec analysis method spec a.b. and hold-downs spec ...【Get Price】

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Note: Braced wall panel "length" requirements for houses that are fully sheathed depend on the height of the wall and the height of adjacent openings (as a percentage of the wall's height). "Length" here refers to the horizontal wall distance; on site this may be commonly referred to as the braced panel's "width."【Get Price】

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The minimum length of a braced wall panel shall comply with Table R602.10.5.For Methods CS-WSP and CS-SFB the minimum panel length shall be based on the adjacent clear opening height in accordance with Table R602.10.5 and Figure R602.10.5.【Get Price】

IRC Wall Bracing Design Example

The bracing amounts and location determined for braced wall line R may be used for braced wall line L. The required bracing can be located completely in the 27’ long side wall and not along the 8’ segment of wall that is offset due to the projection of bedroom #2 at the rear of the plan.【Get Price】

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