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Rather than paint one long horizontal board at a time divide your wall into sections using the natural breaks in the weatherboards (such as corners windows or doors) to minimise movement as you complete the project. Working this way will ensure that you avoid vertical join marks between sections and give you even finish as the paint dries.【Get Price】

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So with a bit of time off over the next few weeks I'm going to tackle some sun-beaten weatherboards on my garage. They're west-facing and the paint is cracking usual stuff. There are also areas which need filler both surface and crack filler although the boards themselves largely look ok-ish. The total area is no more than 9-10 m2.【Get Price】

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Learn how to paint exterior weatherboards. The application techniques and preparation requirements are essentially the same for our three Seven Trust exterior ti【Get Price】

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Don't paint in direct sun and add a paint additive like Paint Extender which will slow down the drying time and give the paint time to level out. Later in the day the surface of the siding can get up to 150 degrees in direct sun light so paint the shady side first thing in the morning. Then move with the sun and stay in the shade if possible.【Get Price】

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Gap under weatherboards this stops rain and moisture going up the back of the weatherboard. There are gap sealents designed for weatherboards these have a much bigger stretch so when your weatherboards move with the weather the gap won’t split. Painting Weatherboards: The easiest way to paint weatherboards is by brush.【Get Price】

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Airless is definitely the easiest method for painting Weatherboards once you have built up enough confidence using it.. Clean up is a drag make sure you have enough area to spray to warrant the clean up of the machine.. Also get yourself a spray shield they save heaps of masking time..【Get Price】

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To clean your weatherboards use a broom to remove cobwebs from beneath your eaves or around your gutters. If you don’t have a high-pressure hose remove flaking paint with a paint scraper and sandpaper. TIP: Cover and tape exterior lights with a plastic bag to prevent electrical damage when a hose is in use. Now you’re ready to start painting.【Get Price】

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We have decided to keep the existing weatherboards on the house as they are in good condition (very little rotting) and repaint them. However they were given a very poor paint job a few years ago and the paint is lifting off all over the place so they will need some prep work. The majority of the boards are cedar with some pine.【Get Price】

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When you learn how to paint weatherboards it’s essential you start at the top and work your way down. Start by painting under the edge of the weatherboard before moving onto the face. Work the paint into the weatherboards in a horizontal action. By working on only 1 or 2 boards at a time you’ll be able to maintain a wet paint edge.【Get Price】

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Our new website: your house super fast! This is for home owners who won't be using an airless but using a bru【Get Price】

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