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The sheets are made from water-resistant silicone-treated gypsum reinforced on both sides by fiberglass mats. The tile side is sealed with a waterproof coating. It’s typically available in 1/2-in. thick 4 x 5-ft. sheets but tile dealers carry other sizes including 1/4-in. thick sheets.【Get Price】

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Large-format tiles such as 18-by-18-inch and 24-by-24-inch can run up to 1/2 inch thick. Backer Board Cement-fiber or similarly reinforced backer board comes in standard 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch ...【Get Price】

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Just slightly thicker than 1/4-inch drywall 3/8-inch drywall is also a good choice for curved walls. This thickness is most often used to repair existing drywall that needs patching. 1/2-Inch Drywall: Most drywall measures 1/2-inch thick. It's the most common choice for interior walls because they are easy to carry and hang.【Get Price】

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1/4-inch: Not a common thickness 1/4-inch-thick drywall is used as a skimming (or double-wall) material for placing over an existing surface.An existing textured ceiling for example can be covered over with 1/4-inch sheets rather than going through the mess and work of removing a texture.【Get Price】

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Cement board is an easily installed DIY tile underlayment providing a stable dependable tile-setting substrate while eliminating the complicated lath-and-mortar "floating" process. Do-it-yourselfers can use either 1/2- or 1/4-inch cement board in certain applications while other scenarios mandate 1/2-inch board.【Get Price】

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Most ceramic tiles are between 1/4 inch to 5/16th inch thick in modern construction they are glued to water resistant gypsum board 5/8 inch thick or 1/2 inch thick cement board. total wall thickness AT least the surface on the bathroom side rare...【Get Price】

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Cement backer board comes in two standard thicknesses 1/2 inch and 1/4 inch. The industry standard is to use 1/2-inch-thick backer board on wall tile installations such as a tub surround.【Get Price】

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Is there a "standard" thickness for field tile (4x4) when set on a 1/2" backer (drywall or durock)? For example when you are planning out a wall nominally a 2x4 wall is going to be 4.5" when finished.【Get Price】

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