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Plasterboard is a hyponym of wallboard. As nouns the difference between plasterboard and wallboard is that plasterboard is a construction material consisting of a rigid panel of several layers of fibreboard or paper bonded to a gypsum core while wallboard is a construction material of pre-made boards used for walls and ceilings usually a gypsum core with a paper surface.【Get Price】

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Gypsum board Gyprock Sheetrock plasterboard wallboard and drywall can make the topic of wall finishing a complicated-sounding one but unnecessarily so since they're all the same thing. They're just terms used differently in various English-speaking nations. Just think of the U.K.'s "aubergine" which sounds so fancy but is still eggplant.【Get Price】

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The smooth even texture of the plaster veneer is much more friendly to the application paint than the drywall mud. The time required to finish the job is also a big difference. Drywall is a three day job. On the first day you hang the drywall apply the first coat of joint compound and let dry overnight.【Get Price】

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The Benefits of Drywall and Plasterboard. Drywall or plasterboard is an extremely popular building material and for good reason. The convenience and benefits make it a great choice. Plus it’s budget-friendly and versatile. Dry walling can be used in a wide variety of applications.【Get Price】

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wallboard and plaster broad is the same thing. if your in a loft you need the fire rated type. this is 5/8 thick. gypsum makes it. baseboard is the board the go after the wallboard at the bottom to cover crack between the wallboard and the floor. 30 yrs master carpenter【Get Price】

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Drywall vs. Plaster Both drywall and plaster make for solid long-lasting wall coverings. Consider these factors when choosing between the two for your next home improvement project.【Get Price】

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Drywall is the less expensive and labor intensive option. Drywall contractors can very efficiently hang drywall in a short amount of time and drywall is by far the more popular option of wall finishes. Because drywall panels are thinner than plaster walls drywall is not as effective of a sound barrier.【Get Price】

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