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Contiguous piled walls are less expensive and have a faster speed of installation when compared with secant piled walls. Secant piled wall technique: Secant piled walls consist of a series of interlocking piles which can provide an impermeable piled wall thus retaining groundwater to the rear of the wall.【Get Price】

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Contiguous piled walls are used in dry and cohesive soils and are often the quickest and more economic method of constructing retaining walls. In certain ground conditions it may be necessary for the design to incorporate temporary props or ground anchors to provide additional lateral support to the wall.【Get Price】

Contiguous Pile Wall as a Deep Excavation Supporting System

A case study on the Contiguous pile wall retaining system for supporting a deep excavation at a town centre is presented. Deep support systems using diaphragm walls and contiguous piles 【Get Price】

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This method of retaining wall construction works well where excavation is shallower than the natural or drawn down water table level but is unsuitable if ground water can flow through the gaps between the piles. Piling methods used for the installation of Contiguous Pile Walls are Bored Piles or CFA piles.【Get Price】

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Piling - Contiguous Interlocking and Secant . Bored cast in-situ piles are often used as an efficient and cost effective means of constructing temporary or permanent retaining walls.【Get Price】

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Contiguous Piled Wall. Contiguous piled retaining walls are formed using either Rotary or CFA piling technics piles are installed at close centres with typically 100-200mm gaps between piles. These piles form temporary or permanent support to excavations.【Get Price】

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Contiguous piles have many advantages in the formation of a retaining wall. This method of construction involves the creation of a line of deep bores that are then back filled with concrete. The advantage of this method of construction is that it is possible to support the adjacent structure before bulk excavation takes place.【Get Price】

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Contiguous piles are an efficient and cost-effective means of creating retaining structures. However while they avoid excessive excavation and assist in the control of ground movement the risk of groundwater ingress between the piles can be significant.【Get Price】

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Piled Retaining Walls Green Piling offer the design supply and installation of Contiguous Secant and King Post Retaining Walls. Retaining walls are vertical or near vertical structures designed to retain material on one side preventing it from collapsing or slipping; or be independent structures park of wider construction works such as 【Get Price】

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Contiguous piling & diaphragm walls. The use of contiguous / secant piling and diaphragm wall construction techniques to construct retaining walls is common in large commercial basement projects and often an efficient and cost-effective solution.【Get Price】

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Contiguous bored pile walls are generally used for sites where groundwater is not an issue. The concrete piles are positioned so that they almost touch each other leaving a gap of around 100mm between each pile. Once installed the piles are tied together with reinforced concrete capping beams forming a robust retaining wall.【Get Price】


Contiguous Piled Wall Contiguous piled retaining walls are created using either Rotary or CFA piling methods piles are installed at close centres with small gaps between each pile. These piles form temporary or permanent support to excavations.【Get Price】

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Contiguous Wall. A contiguous piles wall is also typically constructed with CFA piles but also can be formed using auger bored piles when no water is present in the ground. It offers a cheaper alternative to a secant wall but doesn’t form a watertight structure. Sheet Piled Wall. Sheet piled walls can be used as permanent or temporary 【Get Price】

Piled Retaining Walls Basement System

In most cases piled retaining walls do not provide adequate resistance to water in their own right so a waterproofing system will need to be applied on top. Depending on the type of piles used reinforced concrete or sprayed reinforced concrete will need to be applied on top of the piles to consolidate them and provide a suitable surface for the waterproofing system.【Get Price】

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Piledrain is designed as an effective solution to the treatment of joints between contiguous and secant bored concrete piles in basement and retaining wall construction. Applications Drainage of contiguous and secant piled walls【Get Price】

Contiguous Bored Piles/Secant Piles

Contiguous Bored Piles/Secant Piles Closely spaced bored piles can be used to form a retaining wall perhaps for the construction of a deep basement or a cut and cover tunnel. The piles may be constructed so that they virtually touch each other (contiguous). The gaps between the piles can be grouted to form a watertight retaining wall.【Get Price】

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In contiguous pile walls the axial distance of piles is bigger than their diameter. The space between them is usually filled with shotcrete and reinforcing mesh. This space must be correctly drained so that rainwater does not stay behind the concrete. The drainage is usually made of perfored plastic tubes.【Get Price】

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The Contiguous piles are being used to extend the existing basement which is not lived in but used for storage and is due to be converted to a luxury flat the Contiguous Piled Retaining Wall is situated parallel to the rear of the building allowing room for a court yard and a fire escape.【Get Price】

Bored CFA contiguous & secant pile

These wall types are constructed as cast in situ pile walls as either conventional bored piles with kelly bar rig (with or without drilling support fluid) or alternatively as CFA piles. Contiguous pile walls feature piles that are almost touching (ie. gaps between piles of 50-100mm).【Get Price】

Contiguous Pile Wall as a Deep Excavation Supporting System

There are three distinct bored pile wall options in current use: Contiguous wall Secant wall and tangent wall. Contiguous pile walls are constructed with small gaps between adjacent piles. The use of low-cost augers and more particularly Contiguous Flight Auger (CFA) rigs to drill successive unconnected piles provide an economical wall.【Get Price】

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If you want a more permanent retaining wall then contiguous pile walls are the answer and at the East Coast Group of Companies we can provide everything you need. This particular method involves installing the piles closely together with only a small gap between them exposing the retained soil.【Get Price】

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These walls are formed by the intersection of individual reinforced concrete piles. These piles are built by using drilling mud (bentonite) and augering. The secant piles overlap by about 3 inches. An alternative are the tangent pile walls where the piles do not have any overlap. These piles are constructed flush with each other.【Get Price】


retaining wall is a diaphragm wall or a bored pile wall the top 2 metres of the wall will be removed. If it is a sheet pile wall the sheet piles will be extracted. First Level Strut The soil is excavated to the next strut level and the second level strut is installed. It continues till the excavation reaches the final depth or formation level 【Get Price】

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When rows of piles are inserted close together they can be used to form retaining walls. This is common when constructing basements underpasses or cut and cover tunnels. If the piles are constructed so that they are touching they are called contiguous piles and they can then be grouted to form a watertight wall.【Get Price】

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Retaining wall can be constructed in a variety of soil using either standard auger (CFA) method. Piles are either interlocked (secant wall) or installed leaving a nominal 150 to 300mm gap between the piles (contiguous wall). SEOKANG Ltd. Offers design and construction services for all applications.【Get Price】

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Contiguous Piled Wall for Scarborough Train Care Facility. Stabilising an embankment with a contiguous piled wall Aarsleff Ground Engineering have completed on site installing a contiguous piled retaining wall for a new train maintenance facility in Scarborough.【Get Price】

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Contrary to their name contiguous piles are actually installed with a gap of 100-200mm per pile. This means that the wall is not water or fines tight. However where the conditions allow such as in cohesive soils it can be the most economic form of retaining wall.【Get Price】

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This is usually the simplest fastest and cheapest type of embedded retaining wall in relatively stable soils. Contiguous piled walls are closely spaced soldier piles with the gap between the piles reduced to 50-150mm in order to retain the soil behind the piles prior to excavation of soil in front of the wall.【Get Price】

Seepage and pore pressures around contiguous pile retaining walls

through the semi-permeable contiguous pile wall. Powrie et al. (1999) and Carder et al. (1999) also reported reduced long-term pore pressures behind retaining walls formed from contiguous piles in overconsolidated clays at Woodford East London. This reduction in pore pressures was attributed to underdrainage to a more permeable stratum but 【Get Price】

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Contiguous Piled Walls are commonly used if a property doesn’t have an issue with groundwater ingress. CFA or rotary bored techniques are used to install the contiguous pile walls. Contiguous wall piling is less expensive than other pile wall methods and is also quicker to install.【Get Price】

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Contiguous piled retaining wall. Discussion in 'Building' started by amwc 1 Mar 2016. amwc. Joined: 13 Feb 2007 Messages: 253 Thanks Received: 15 Location: Warwickshire【Get Price】

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Contiguous piled walls are used to provide retaining structures where ground water is not present above the excavated level. In general the soils need to be sufficiently self-supporting to ensure that they do not fall through the gaps between individual piles.【Get Price】

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Contiguous Pile Wall. is a retaining wall that is formed by a group of tangeant reinforced piles that are driled using an augre. Contiguous pile walls are a variation of secant pile walls and soldier pile walls. However contiguous pile walls are constructed with no overlap and ideally one pile touches the other. Compared to secant pile walls.【Get Price】

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Contiguous Piled Walls are used where the groundwater table is below the desired excavation level and can be installed using rotary bored or CFA techniques. They’re normally the fastest and most efficient piled wall option. The wall consists of bored piles typically installed at centres 150mm greater than their diameter.【Get Price】

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A contiguous bored pile wall is formed by constructing a series of individual vertical RC piles. The diameter of each pile in a contiguous piled wall is usually not less than 300mm diameter. Contiguous piles are suitable where the groundwater table is below excavation level. It is normally the most economic and rapid option.【Get Price】

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Contiguous pile walls can be retained by anchors or strutting systems to reduce deflection though commonly for walls up to 7-8 metres in height they are designed to work in cantilever. Specialist Contact | Richard Smith - [email protected] - +44 (0)7918 632800【Get Price】

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Contiguous piled walls are utilised when groundwater ingress is not an issue. The dimension of the gap between the piles typically ranges between 50 and 150mm. A permanent wall can be created taking the form of a structural concrete facing wall tied to the piles or sprayed concrete. A contiguous pile wall is the ideal choice of earth retention 【Get Price】


03-Failure of CBP earth retaining wall Pg. 1 of 2 FAILURE OF CONTIGUOUS BORED PILE EARTH RETAINING WALL Type of building work A 4-storey condominium with two basement was to be built on a slope of a hill. There are completed multi-storey condominium buildings at the top of the hill. A row of reinforced concrete contiguous bored pile (CBP) of 【Get Price】

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One should consider “combined walls” when dealing with section moduli values greater than 3000 cm 3 /m as they will often represent a more economical and structurally superior retaining wall solution over the commonly used Z-sheet pile contiguous wall.【Get Price】

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Secant or tangent piles are columns constructed adjacent (tangent) or overlapping (secant) to form structural or cutoff walls. From soil mixing to drilled shafts Keller draws on its complete suite of techniques to optimize the design and construction of these walls.【Get Price】

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Once our sheet pile retaining walls are installed excavation works can commence immediately negating the need for any curing period that is normally required for alternative secant and contiguous pile walls. And if you want to use sheet piles as your finished surface exposed sheet piles can also be shot blasted and painted to provide an 【Get Price】

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Contiguous piled retaining wall for new garden room and pool building. The structure was formed in the rear garden of the property with particularly difficult and restricted access. 142 no 300mm dia contiguous bored piles x 7m installed around the perimeter of the basement. The piling works took 3 weeks to install. Concrete was pumped from the front of the property into the piles. A guide 【Get Price】

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