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Calculating Fire Resistance Ratings of Wood Assemblies Using ...

The section details the procedures for calculating fire resistance of walls floor/ceiling and roof/ceiling assemblies. The total fire rating is determined by adding each component to reach a minimum total of 60 minutes. Fire protection rating is calculated from the flame side of the assembly and of course some assemblies have multiple flame sides.【Get Price】

11.4. Fire Ratings | American Institute of Steel Construction

A restrained assembly test will result in 2 assembly ratings: 1) Restrained Assembly Rating based on the period of fire exposure where the assembly sustains the applied design load but not more than twice the corresponding Unrestrained Assembly Rating and provided the later is 1 hour or more: and 2) Unrestrained Assembly Rating based on the ...【Get Price】

Do I Need Fire-Rated Drywall? | CertainTeed

Understanding Fire-Rating Basics. Q: How are walls fire rated? What is fire resistance-rated construction? A: A certification process determines the fire-rating of a wall system. It is the wall system not specific products that are tested and certified. For example a fire-rated drywall board is approved for use as part of a certified wall ...【Get Price】

Fire Rating of Durock Vs. Drywall | Hunker

The exact fire rating of Durock is dependent on the other materials used during construction but a panel 1/4 or 1/2 inch thick typically provides an additional hour of fire protection. A Durock panel with a thickness of 1/2 or 5/8 inch can provide two hours of fire protection when installed correctly and in conjunction with all fireproofing ...【Get Price】

DCA3 - Fire-Resistance-Rated Wood-Frame Wall and Floor ...

rated for both interior and exterior fire exposure where the wall has a fire separation distance of 10 feet or less. For exterior walls with a fire separation distance of greater than 10 feet the required fire-resistance-rating applies only to exposure from the interior. The designer should note that some state and local building code ...【Get Price】

Is Drywall Fire Resistant? | Angie's List

The inherent non-combustibility of drywall appropriate selection of drywall type and proper installation all contribute to the overall resistance of drywall to fire. Check Angie's List to find a highly rated drywall or plaster contractor in your area.【Get Price】

Fire Safety Information 5/8' Type X Gypsum Wallboard (English)

actual fire or last for an hour in a new laborato ry fire test. • Even if 5/8" type X wallboard is referred to using terms like "one - hour board" or "has a one -hour fire rating" this does not mean that either a particular assembly/system incorporating 5/8" type X wallboard or any given piece of 5/8" type X wallboard will【Get Price】

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Type X fire rated gypsum drywall that is 5/8 -inch (15.9mm) thick and installed on each side of nominal 2-inch x 4-inch (38x89mm) wood studs spaced 16-inch (400mm) o.c. or 3-5/8 inch (610 mm) steel studs spaced 24” o.c. has a minimum fire rating for the assembly of 1 hour which is a typical requirement for many building codes.【Get Price】

Gypsum Wallboard Floor/Ceilings – Wood Framing (wood joists ...

No. Fire Rating Ref. Design No. Description 1 2 hr. UL N501 Two layers of 5/8" (15.9 mm) Fire-Shield Wallboard applied to beam cage fabricated from GA BM 2120 25 gauge steel channel brackets spaced 24" o.c. 2 1 hr. UL L515 1/2" (12.7 mm) Fire-Shield C Gypsum Wallboard or 45 NGC 4010 39 63 1/2" (12.7 mm) Fire-Shield C Kal-Kore plaster base NGC 4107【Get Price】

What's the Difference: Fire-Resistant Drywall - Fine Homebuilding

Type-X drywall is available only in 5/8-in. thickness in widths of 48 in. and 54 in. and in lengths up to 16 ft. Type-X drywall meets ASTM International standards and is often used in fire-rated assemblies such as walls and ceilings that separate garages from living spaces.【Get Price】

STC Ratings & Steel Stud Framed Walls

Gypsum Wallboard (each side) Finish Insulation STC Fire Rating ½” one layer one side none 36 NR 5/8” type X one layer one side none 39 1 hr. 5/8” type X one layer one side 2 ½” – 2 ¾” fiberglass batt 47 1 hr. ½” one layer ½” type X two layers one - two none 39 NR【Get Price】

5/8 x 4 x 12 Type X Fire-Rated Drywall at Menards®

Fire-Rated wallboard is made with cores formulated to offer greater fire resistance than regular wallboard. Generally these fire resistant wallboards used to delay heat transfer to structural members are designated as "type x" products.【Get Price】

Answering the Question: What Is Equivalent Protection to a 1 ...

Floor assemblies not required elsewhere in this code to be fire-resistance rated shall be provided with a 1 / 2-inch (12.7 mm) gypsum wallboard membrane 5 / 8-inch (16 mm) wood structural panel membrane or equivalent on the underside of the floor framing member where equivalent is defined as fire endurance performance of 26 minutes using ...【Get Price】

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