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The cost of a dog fence depends on the materials you use to build with. Pallet wood can usually be obtained for free so the cost is very minimal. You’re only paying for the fence posts. Wood panel dog fencing usually costs between $6-$10 per square foot with most of the cost going into the posts and fence panels. 【Get Price】

Build A Chicken Wire Dog Fence in 7 Easy Steps – Pet Lover Guy

Chicken wire can be a great option for a DIY dog fence. It is easy to work with and the holes are small enough that your dog cannot slip through them. However it is important to remember that your chicken wire fence will only be as strong as your supports. 【Get Price】

How to Build a Hot Wire Dog Fence – Pet Lover Guy

An electric fence is extremely useful for keeping other dogs out of your yard. As long as you keep the fence to a reasonably low voltage it will prove an excellent deterrent to strays and other animals entering your property. How Do You Electrify a Wire Fence? You can use a 6 volt battery to electrify your wire fence. 【Get Price】

9 DIY Dog Fence Plans: Blueprints for Keeping Your Canine ...

The DIY Dog Fence from is a sturdy picket fence option to keep your canine contained. The directions walk you through each of the steps involved beginning with purchasing the materials. You’ll learn how to measure your fence dig holes and pour cement for extra support for the posts. 【Get Price】

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