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Yes additional framing is required for staggering decking. Composite decking needs the full 1 ½” (38mm) of framing to support the ends. If you stagger the joints an additional block will need to be added to the joist to support the decking. Ideally a second joist is better than a block. 【Get Price】

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Absolutely use the full lengths. You could probably save a couple of boards by creating butt joins but the saving doesn't override the very clean look of no joins. Re your first question it's more about creating a random pattern if joins are necessary. For composite decking boards there are design suggestions to not stagger the joins 【Get Price】

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Stagger the deck board joints to design a pattern of seams that gives the aesthetic look you want and will improve stability and minimize waste. The length of the deck and planks being used coupled with the joist spacing determines if you need to stagger deck boards or not. You may also choose to double up the joists where joints repeat. 【Get Price】

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Give It a Dry Run and Stagger the Boards Do a dry run of your boards by laying them out before attaching to the frame. If your deck dimensions are longer than your decking boards staggering the joints is important when laying decking boards. The staggered boards improve stability and the appearance of the deck. 【Get Price】

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The deck is more structurally sound if you stagger. If you don't the center beam/joist should be doubled up. You're essentially building two 8x8 decks next to each other with the center beam carrying double the load it should be if not doubled up. If you stagger them that is not the case. 【Get Price】

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Do you stagger composite decking? When installing composite decking it is vital to follow the instructions issued by the manufacturer. You need to be aware of things like thermal expansion because the climate fluctuates which could cause problems on the way the decks are spread. 【Get Price】

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You should consider staggering the joints and I would cut some of the deck boards into 6' lengths. You should start one row with a 6' and 12' arrangement. The next row do a 12' and 6' arrangement. You would run these along the 18' side. 【Get Price】

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